Tess Mckenzie

tess1 291x300 Tess MckenzieHow did this happen? I am 55 years old and have actively avoided exercise for most of
my life. So how come I am lying on the gym floor, gasping like a landed fish for oxygen
and LOVING it?

The answer is simple really – training with Andy Edwards from Dragon Crossfit Cardiff.
My path towards a new me started 6 months ago. I was unfit, overweight and dealing
with serious depression. My husband had started to work out in the gym with the help of
a Personal Trainer whom I went to meet in order to please my other half.

Under his care and encouragement I started to actively look forward to my training. Going to
the gym and watching my nutrition was becoming part of my life. My Trainer decided to
change career however and he introduced me to Andy and from then on my endorphin
addiction seriously took hold. Andy gave me the support and encouragement to take the
next step.

tess2 300x200 Tess MckenzieI found I loved shifting heavy weights, learning new skills, becoming more flexible,
more powerful, stronger, fitter. I lost a shed load of weight. And found Dragon CrossFit.

No one is more surprised than me, that a middle aged woman who allowed her
body dictate what she couldn’t do – bad back, creaking joints, arthritic knee – feels quite
at home in a gym with much younger and fitter people.

But that is the beauty of it. The atmosphere is always buzzing and supportive. Everyone
works hard doing the same work outs – but scaled to their level. Because of my knee, I
avoid high impact stuff, but that isn’t a problem. If I can’t run, I row. If I can’t jump I
step. But essentially my work out is exactly the same as the others in the class. I never
feel intimidated or out of place. I achieve something every time either in terms of a
weight lifted, a time beaten or overcoming a personal barrier. .And that same process
is happening for everyone in the gym. Not everyone at the classes is an elite athlete.
There is a real mix of people and abilities, Egos don’t come into the equation. Your
main competition is yourself. And you are surrounded by a whole community of people
sharing the experience.

So I hope that you can see how and why I am happy to be lying in the floor recovering.
What I gain is awesome. And I am lucky to have the support of an amazing coach like
Andy to guide and teach me. Crossfit really delivers what it promises. If you don’t
believe me come and see. I’ll be the woman with white hair and a big smile on my face.
Thanks Andy.

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