Gwennan Thomas

gwenan 122x300 Gwennan ThomasTruthfully, I wasn’t convinced that CrossFit was for me when a friend of mine recommended it to me. I’d heard all about the crazy stuff these ‘CrossFit’ people do. However, an introduction to Dragon CrossFit Cardiff in November 2010 and sooner or later I too was hooked and am now what you might call a CrossFit junky!

It is a cliché I know, but CrossFit really has changed my life. I often now wonder “What did I do before CrossFit?!”. People ask me what it is about CrossFit that keeps me going back? So I tell them it’s the community, the dedication of the coaches, the energy and enthusiasm, the results, the achievement, the passion, the challenge, the people, the motivation and the fun.

CrossFit has pushed and challenged me like nothing else, and has introduced to me a new way of life.
There is no denying the fact that CrossFit workouts are tough and sometimes I just want to give up and go home, but the people around you and the coaches pushing you means you never do give up. I am now not only physically stronger, but I am mentally stronger. I may have off-days when I fall off a pull-up bar (literally, head first) but, you make a decision – you either go home, or you get back on the bar.

gwenan2 202x300 Gwennan ThomasThe community I have found through CrossFit is like nothing I have ever come across. I have made so many amazing new friends. We work hard together and pull each other through those seemingly impossible last few reps. I’ve found that people who do CrossFit have a similar outlook on life: positive, determined, enthusiastic, passionate, motivated and fun! Negativity is not part of what we do. There are no egos and everyone encourages each other to reach their individual potential.

I have so many goals and ambitions, that I am excited about the future where I hope to continue improving, learning and achieving. With the help and support of the community around me, anything is possible.

Dragon CrossFit now forms an integral part of my life and always will. I love the sense of achievement, the adrenalin, the conquering of fears and the feeling of complete and utter release after a hard day at the office.

I only wish I had discovered this beautiful way of life a long time ago…

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